Three-phase electric motors with aluminum frame offer balanced performance

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A reliable drive solution for industrial applications is now very affordable. You will also be convinced by the three-phase VYBO Electric electric motors. They are in the two-pole version, which are a great choice even for use with a constant load.

Before we look at specific models of two-pole electric motors, let’s delve a little into the theory. And explain how the number of poles of an electric motor affects its speed. Three-phase electric motors work on the principle of changing the polarity of alternating current, which creates a rotating field. As they are relatively simple in construction, they do not require any special maintenance and are very reliable and durable.

VYBO Electric two-pole electric motors for industrial use

electric motorsThis also applies to the two-pole three-phase VYBO Electric electric motors. They are characterized by a high-quality aluminum frame and a perfect price-performance ratio. In three-phase electric motors, at least three coils are used, which generate a magnetic field of electric current. In a two-pole electric motor, six coils are usually used, if the electric motor has more poles, its speed is lower.

With the two-pole electric motors of the VYBO Electric AL series, you can count on 2,800 rpm, which can be very well controlled, for example, by means of a frequency converter. This speed is offered by both the 5.5 kW and 7.5 kW electric motors.

Three-phase electric motors in a two-pole version can be used in practically all industries. For example in production, metallurgy or the food industry. They are able to work under a constant load and, for example, the electric motor 7,5kw is ideal even for very demanding conditions.

In conclusion, we would like to add that the specialty of these electric motors is their high-quality construction, thanks to which the standard version already offers a level of protection IP 55. The electric motor is therefore resistant to dust and splashing water.

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